Guess That Song! *country song edition :3*

Guess That Song! *country song edition :3*

If you like country music then take this test. The best country songs are here for you to guess. Good luck 'yall! :3

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*HARD* When was Darius Rucker's album "True Believers" released?


When did Florida Georgia Line start singing?


What song do these lyrics come from: Well then my 4 year old said a 4 letter word, it started with s and I was concerned, so I said son, now where'd you learn to talk like that

Who sings When She Says Baby?

What song do these lyrics come from: Catch us up a little catfish dinner

*HARD* Finish the lyrics: Can't get you outta my head outta outta my head

*HARD* Finish the lyrics: Gonna get Buck wild get a little buzz on

Who sings Sweet Annie?

Zac Brown Band
Jason Aldean
Luke Bryan

2 songs from Darius Rucker?

Select the two correct answers
Wagon Wheel
When She Says Baby
History In The Making
Big Green Tractor

Who sings Ready Set Let's Roll?

*HARD* Who sings Clockwork?

*HARD* What song do these lyrics come from: I like the sound of that, watch TV and take long naps

What song do these lyrics come from: Trucks jacked up flat bills tipped back

When did Luke Bryan start his singing career?


Who sings Beachin'?

Who sings Whatever She's Got?

Who sings Wagon Wheel?

Who sings Come Back Song?

Luke Bryan
Darius Rucker
George Strait

When did Kenny Chesney start singing?


*HARD* Finish the lyrics: Put the stereo on the roof crank the

*HARD* Who originally sings Wagon Wheel?

Finish the lyrics: I'd sell my soul just to

Which ones are songs by George Strait?

Select the two correct answers
I Got A Car
American Kid
Take You Home
Check Yes Or No

*HARD* What year was Jason Aldean born in?


What song do these lyrics come from: It's our backwoods boondock roots

Who sings Lettin' The Night Roll?

When did Darius Rucker start singing?


Which song from Florida Georgia Line is not on the radio nor has a music video?

Party People
This Is How We Roll
None of the above

*HARD* What song are these lyrics from:
They're the in crowd, we're the other ones. It's a different kind of cloth that we're cut from. We let our colors show where the numbers ain't. With the paint where there ain't supposed to be paint.

Who sings I Got A Car?

Who sings Play It Again?