Guess The Song (2)

Guess The Song (2)

Test your song knowledge here! This might be hard if all you do is listen to pop music and all that.

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baksuchigo sondeureo igeon baiking
taljinhal ttaekkaji gyesok syauting

uye modu nolla eukbak jireuneun geoya
da kkum kkae! barakhae jeomjan tteolji malgo

Everthing okey dokey
chamjima geunyang ukhae ukhae Yeah
amuna da derigo wa Rock and roll

Nillili Mambo by Block B
The theme song from Fairy Tail, season 7 (someone actually guessed this once)

He took a step but then felt tired
He said, "I'll rest a little while"
But when he tried to walk again
He wasn't a child
And all the people hurried fast, real fast
And no one ever smiled

Eet by Regina Spektor
Blue Lips by Regina Spektor

It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can't believe it; you were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember; you try to feel the beat

Blue Lips by Regina Spektor
Eet by Regina Spektor

Think I got myself in trouble
So I fill the bath with bubbles
Then I'll put the towels all away
Should've never said the word "love"
Threw a toaster in the bathtub
I'm sick of all the games I have to play

Soap by Melanie Martinez
Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

La llorona que paso
Por qué lloras mi amor
Y los niños dónde están
En el río duermen ya

La Llorona by Joan Baez
La Llorona by Oliver, Maika and Gumi

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest.
I keep searching for something that I never seem to find.
But maybe I won’t, because I left it all behind.
Now I’m stuck with this, and that’ll never change
Always a part of me, until the very last day.

Hear me Now by Framing Hanley
Hear me Now by Hollywood Undead

Just another one champion sound
We about to get down
Who the hottest in the world right now.
Just touched down in London town.
Bet they give me a pound.
Tell them put the money in my hand right now.
Tell the promoter we need more seats,
We just sold out all the floor seats

American Boy by Estelle
American Boy by Fallout Boy (cover)

Nothing is what I deserve
Nothing is what I have earned
If nothing is what you have chosen to give me
Then nothing is for what I yearn
Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters
Nothing never breaks, busts, bends, rusts, upends or shatters.

I've never had a weakness that couldn't be destroyed
And I've never had a sinful thought that couldn't be avoided
Control your temper, control your language, or anguish in languid soul
It's what you were born to do, but you'd rather be controlled

Inherit Nothing by PhemieC
Ugly Story by PhemieC

“I do not wish the death of any living thing,
I might be a killer but one day I shall be queen
and put an end to slaughter, but until then I'm keen
on staking claim to land and sea and everyfin between.”

I played a game with eleven fools who told me not to break the rules
But when have angels ever helped me yet?
And magic isn't real and anyway it doesn't matter
'Cause no matter what I conjure it could not help be me deflect

Ugly Story by PhemieC
Inherit Nothing by PhemieC

Muchaburi ja nai ka gakkou kaisha
Atama-gonashi no meirei bakari
Naseba naru tte seishin ROON
MAINASU bakari tamatte
Baka baka BAKA

Tokyo Teddy Bear by Kagamine Rin
There's Supposed To Be A Cheat Code For Happiness by Yuzuki Yukari

Falling, I'm falling.
This despair is taking over me.
I can't breathe, Oh I can hear voices
Inside my head.

These voices, They just won't leave my head,
"Don't worry, We'll help you through," They said.
Can I really go on with this madness inside?
I'm stuck with my inner monster's pride.

Tendrils of Tenebrae by Oliver
Addiction to Pain by Oliver