How well do you know city of bones

How well do you know city of bones

This might be a little hard if you haven't read the book so I recommend you read the book before taking this quiz.

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What happens at the Pandemonium when Clary and Simon were there?

Clary saw ShadowHunters murder a demon
Simon kissed Clary
Someone asked Clary if she was old enough

What is Clary's full first name

In the movie what was the rune she used to stop the demons from attacking?

Angelic Power

Who is gay in City of bones?


What happens to Clary's mother

Select the two correct answers
Goes into a coma
Get's kidnapped
Dies because Clary murdered her

On Clary's Birthday where did Jace take her?

To the garden
To the Pandemonium
To his room

Who does Alec have a crush on


Who asked if Alec was gay and who did he or she asked

Clary asked Isabelle
Simon asked Jace
Simon asked Alec

Who is Valentine

ShadowHunter gone bad

Who has the cup really? (Originally Clary and Jocelyn would have the cup but who has it literally)

Madam Doretha

How did Jocelyn hide the cup

Put it in the painting
Hide it where only she and Clary would find it
Put it in the middle of the ocean in hopes a whale would swallow it

How did Alec get hurt?/

A greater demon attacked him
Clary "accidentally" impaled him and told him Jace was hers
Olaf decided to try and be a Shadow hunter and ended up hurting him what a sword

What is Jace's real name


Why does Jocelyn keep a box of Johnathon's hair

Because she thought he was dead and he was her first child.
It was her husband that died a long time ago
He went missing a week before she was attacked

Last but not least who wrote city of bones

Clary Fray
Cassandra Clare
Stephan King

Why is Hodge afraid to go outside

He was cursed by the Fey
He was afraid girls would flirt
He was cursed