How Well Do You Know Wolf Things? :I

How Well Do You Know Wolf Things? :I

How well do you know territory, pack span, being a loner, and more things?

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What does the leader do?

What is my, AnimePup's, wolf's name?

What is edible in the wolf world?

Select the four correct answers
Mice and bunnies.
Human food left around.
Human trash.
Herbs and berries.

You are hunting and got two prey. Somewolf steals it! What do you do?

"Hey, come back!" And stand there, barking at them.
Chase them and get it back, a bit of blood on your paws.

You are journeying through the mountains with your pack. Bobcats attack! What do you do?

Fight back!
Run back to the forest!
Run through them!

What do you do under attack with another pack.

Tuck tail and run!
Stay back and watch them fight.
Fight with the pack!

You are an apprentice training. Your trainer hates you. He/she decides to gives you a killing blow. What do you do?

Dodge it, then trip she/he, and sink your claws in he/she's pelt, then get somewolf to report to the leader.
Dodge it, then run away!
Growl and bark.

While hunting, you stumble across a strange food. What do you do?

Eat it!
Take it back to the pack for a feast.
Dispose of it with my paws, then wash my paws afterwards.

Normal color pelts for wolves?

Select the four correct answers
Tabby Orange

You are a pup, training with the pack. You have cat-like reflexes. Your trainer swipes at your face, claws out. What do you do?

Whimper and run away.
Dodge then lunge at him, biting his neck.
Let him scratch you.