How much do you know about Wolf Humans?

How much do you know about Wolf Humans?

Test your knowledge to see if you know about the wolf human realm I think you should know a little

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Who is the Protector

The oldest New born child of the protector before as in right now Syrianna
The avatar

Who is the 2 main goddesses

Aphrodite and Hera
Darinina and Arinina
Medusa and Poseidon

What are the main villages

Naturalist, Familiaris, and Extremist
Fantasian, Melodic, and Farinina
Hunaris and Mankaris

What are wolf humans called in each village

Naturalists, Familiarizes, Extremists
Wolf humans they are all called wolf humans
Nothing they are called by their normal name

Who were the protectors before me

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