How Much do You Know About Werewolves?

How Much do You Know About Werewolves?

I am a dire wolf, a type of werewolf. Do you know about werewolves? That's what I'd like to know.

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What werewolf is the strongest type? (Like me)

Regular werewolf
Angel wolf
Dire wolf
Demon wolf

How does someone turn into a dire wolf? (The strongest type of werewolf)

Get bitten on a half moon
Gets bitten on a full moon, a Wolf Moon
Gets bitten in Winter
Gets bitten two times at a time

What are the side effects of being a werewolf?

Body aching all over, when wake up in morning (if you even sleep) you are sore
Eyes get brighter, redder
Teeth get sharper, longer
Has thick hair and more on legs and arms then usual, (but not like a mammoth! :D)
Has longer legs and arms
Has bigger eyes then humans
Has heavy body wait
Get headaches
Hair gets longer
Eyes start hurting
Teeth get yellower

How old can they live to be?

They live forever and ever and ever

What most common color for dire wolves are?

Brown and black
White and silver
Chestnut and hazel
Brown and orangey

I listed all the rare colors down below.
Which one is the most rarest of the rarest?

Light brown

How big are dire wolves?

The size of an elephant
The size of a big truck
The size of a house
The size of any other wolves

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