Cory Emulator: Insane mode!

Cory Emulator: Insane mode!

This is the harder version of Cory Emulator! The original was too easy, so I boosted the difficulty with more questions.

published on December 10, 201416 responses 8 1.0★ / 5

Welcome to Cory Emulator. Since we're on Insane mode, you must get all questions correct. One mistake will deprive you of Coryhood, so be cautious.
Which one is Cory-appropriate wear?

Light blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans.
Chicken suit!

You are tasked with keeping an eye on Toy Chica during a party. If not, the punch will be spiked. Do you accept?


You encounter a charizard! Do you fight it?


What is acceptable party wear for a Cory?

Select the two correct answers
Pinstripe suit, Black fedora
Ballon Boy Cosplay!
"Cat in the hat" hat, Kanye west glasses, Giant candy cane
Muh Burthdaih Soot!

At a party, do you keep an eye on Toy Chica?


What actions should be executed when Fat Hercules appears to ruin your day?

Select the two correct answers
Eat gravy.
Fight Fat Herc!
Sap his machine!

Upon encountering a Yandere, What is the safest action?

Fight her!
Love her when she agrees not to kill you.

Alright then. They're is one sacred truth that every Cory knows... What is The name of the great war between Corys?

Cory world war.
The day of the nights
Ballon Boy's birthday.