How well do you know games?

Video games, board games, game games, do you know them all. Test to find out.

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Game where you launch birds at pigs

Blocky world full of creatures trying to kill you. Trying to survive is the main goal.

You buy properties to make other players bankruptcy

You avoid being touch but if you are, you try to touch others. (Not sexual)

Your trying to avoid being found from your hidding spot.

Online game, full of games. You can friend and follow people.

Figure out what room, tool, and who the murderer is.

Get three in row using candy to complete many levels

Collect musical monsters that sing together to create epic songs

Collect different creatures with different types of abilities. Used to battle other creatures and trainers

A game going through events in life, such as college's, jobs, bankruptcy, and kids.

Game about replicated dancings seen on a screen

Game about creating a disease and destroying the world

You mimic what the leader does.

Spongebob game about robots taking over the bikini bottom.

Game about creating words and scoring points

Monkeys that pop ballons

Follow the piano tiles moving across the screen