African American History Quiz

Lets find out how much you know about your African American History? See if you know enough to pass :)

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Is Abraham Lincoln, Black or White?
You can look at a picture for help.

He is Black.
He is White.
He is a mixture of White and Black.

Is Cleopatra White, Black, Egyptian or Mixed?

She is White.
She is Egyptian
She is Black.
She is a mixture Egyptian and Black.
She is a mixture Egyptian and White
She is a mixture of White and Black

How much money did African-American slaves get paid for picking cotton, being maids ect.

A Dollar.
Half a Penny.
A Penny.
One Dollar an hour.

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

Finish the sentence.

In 1492.
To discover the world to see if the earth is flat or round.
With a slave that had been to America already.

Who created Peanut Butter?

A White man/woman.
A Black man/woman.
A group of people in a factory.
Peanut Butter was a mistake made my a factory worker while processing peanuts through a machine.

What Country did Americans go to, to dig up jewels out of caves?