Guess the Lyrics

Guess the Lyrics

Can you guess the lyrics? Tell me if you can! This one is more hard! :P

published on May 30, 201526 responses 0

You, you don't really wanna stay

Don't try to hate me just love me, love me...

I want your love, I want your revenge

I should've know you were bad news.

I never meant to break your heart

You make me

Shine the light on whatever's worth

Is it gonna be forever?

Cause in this moment I feel so alive

Now I'm

I am no good for you

And maybe with a little love we can change the world

I don't care about my makeup

Party girls don't get hurt

So now

Something about the way you move

Make your

Hold me

You stole everything

The pieces of my heart are missin' you

I wanna

I got thick skin

Breathe out, breathe in

So take a look what you done...


Only U&I (Just nothin' better)

The sound of my heart

As your shadow crosses mine

You can