How well Do u know Monster highs DRACULAURA.

How well Do u know Monster highs DRACULAURA.

See how well you know draculaura the fabulous monster that everybody loves.

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Whats draculaurs Fav colour?

I think its green
Well shes just like frankistein so white and black
She likes Pink.

What is her pet?

A bat because they are like her.
A cat it rymes with bat
A dog

What Monster is she?

i think shes a ...Vampire right? Cuz her name is close to dracula.
Apart of the stein family

Her bffs are?

Frankiestein and Clawdeen.
Opperetta and cluad
I think she only likes Lagoona?

Who is she dating?

Deuce dumps cleo for draculaura!!!!!!!.
It is the principal he liked her for her grades.

Whats the beggining of her diary say?

Keep ur hands off my diary/journal.
Volume one thousand five hundred and ninety nine and 7/8.
Please dont read this its all my personal Style and besties soloutions.

Draculaura Thought they forget her birthday... But what did they really do?

They threw a suprise party for her and another monster high girl.
They just forgot and hoped she would understand after.
They mistaked it for cleos.

Is she on the Fear squad?.

NO!. shes on the vollyball team
Nah only cleo,frankiestien and clawdeen and all the others are i seen it.
Yes her and her best friends and the others.