How Well do you know lps popular (1)

How Well do you know lps popular (1)

This is a quiz on how well you know lps popular by sophiegtv on youtube!!

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What is The High School called in lps popular

South country
Orange country day
Sophie School

What is Savannah's Friends names

Genevieve and Angeline
Genevieve and Angelina
Angelina and Rachel

Who does Brooke hate (not savvy)

Who is the one name that isn't included In lps popular?


What is Savannah and Brooke's last name?

Reed and Jayes
Rivera and Hayes
Reed and Hayes

What breed of cat is Brooke

What does Brooke eat all the time

What kind of milk does Tom like to drink (this is a hard one)

Manly Milk
Marigold milk
Muscle milk