Will you be a good parent?

Will you be a good parent?

Find out if you will be a good parent or if you will fail in being a parent.

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How much time does a child need to nap?

Kids don't need to nap?
5-7 Hours
30 minutes to an hour

How many meals should your child have?

Select the two correct answers
3 meals
4-5 meals
8 or more meals per day
breakfast snacks lunch and dinner and other stuff

What color is your babies hair if he/she has freckles?

What soap is safe to bathe a baby with super sensitive skin?

Just regular sensitive skin soap.
Natural soaps.
Baby soap for sensitive skin.

If your baby seems overweight what should you do?

Ask a doctor
Feed him/her less
Make them play more

What is the top 1 baby girl name?