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Hanahaki Questions?
I’m making a guide on the Hanahaki Disease, and I was wondering if I could get some questions about the disease for a FAQ section? Any would be appropriated. Ask away!~
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What to do when the police refuse to act?
This is actually a pretty serious question. I had a bunch of stuff stolen from my house last week, and we called the police, and they're refusing to do anything about it. It was a good amount of stuff that was taken. Enough ...
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Why are band members so attractive?
Not band members like boy bands or pop groups-- Marching band members. I've been in band for a few years and I've always wondered why I find other band members so attractive-- An I the only one who feels this way, and if not, ...
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How do you get your parents to stop taking pictures of you without consent?
My parents always like to take pictures of me without my permission and I do not like it at ALL. I have tried asking them politely to stop but each time they get angry and yell because "I am not eighteen yet and I have no stand...
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What is easier done than said?
Brea's got a riddle :>
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