Warrior Cats: Do you think Lilywhisker was the one who killed Badgerfang?

Warrior Cats: Do you think Lilywhisker was the one who killed Badgerfang?

An idea suddenly came to me: What If the reason Lilywhisker was in the Dark Forest was because she was the cat that killed Badgerfang?

Well, Su claims that Lilywhisker went to the Dark Forest because she couldn't accept her fate after her hind leg was broken.
I have a theory: What if Lilywhisker went to the Dark Forest because she killed Badgerfang?

However I like to think this isn't actually the reason but simply the motivation, on what later caused her to do the horrible things that sent her to the Dark Forest.

And there's even some evidence supporting it. Here's the opening of Badgerface's story in the "Code of the Clans" and only appearance of the: "The Windclan warrior sprang with his claws unsheathed, and the little black-and-white cat fell to the ground without making a sound. A trickle of blood crept from his ear, which was crumpled in the dust. Flintfang shook off the warrior trying to sink her teeth into his tail and bounded over to his unmoving Clanmate."

What we know about Badgerfang's killer:
It's a she-cat.
It's a Windclan cat.

Though it's just assumption, it's very likely this cat is also in the Dark Forest. It's shown that simply training in the Dark Forest (Redwillow and Antpelt) or being loyal to the wrong cat (Tangleburr and Stumpytail) , is enough to get you into the Dark Forest. So killing a kit would be more then enough to land you in the Dark Forest. Out of the three Windclan Dark Forests cats we know of; Houndleap, Lilywhisker and Antpelt, it had to be Lilywhisker who killed Badgerfang. As she's the only she-cat and lived in the right time frame to be alive when Shadowclan drove out Windclan.

Antpelt wasn't even born yet and Houndleap was already in the Dark Forest when Spottledleaf was an apprentice, meaning Brokenstar wasn't even leader yet when Houndleap died.

Possible counter arguments:

"She wouldn't of been too old by that point to be alive.". - At this point in time, Tallstar was still alive, still serval years left in him (Not dying until Starlight). And when Lilywhisker was around the age of a young warrior (retired very early), Tallstar was a kit. So it's not too much of a stretch to think Lilywhisker could a alive at this point. Probably being around age of a senior warrior or actual proper to age to become a Elder.

"It's said a warrior killed Badgerfang, not an elder.". - Remember the story told from the point of view of 3/4 moon old kit. So it won't be surprising that Bangerfang mistook most grown up cats for warriors. And if Lilywhisker was fighting, that gives him even more reason to think she was a warrior. Also remember what I said earlier, Lilywhisker very retired early, so she might of still been age where she could be a warrior if her leg was never injured.


Some of you might say that Lilywhisker wouldn't have the motive/guts to do something so horrible. However I would remind you, the last time we saw her, was all the way back in Tallstar's revenge. Which was a long time age and a lot can happen in that amount of time. Her broken leg may not be the reason she went to the Dark Forest, but it was cause of a chain of events that lead her down that path.

Just remember what she had to go though; being forced into the Elder's den too early, having no duties, having apprentices give you prey, clear out your bedding and check your pelt for ticks as if you were helpless. Then the tunneling tradition, something her whole life was built around, was ended forever. The thing that gave her so much pride. This quote from Tallstar's revenge, "I used to be able to hear a cavern halfway across the moor, just by the echo of my paw steps.", proves she struggles to let go of the past and is quite prideful.

So over after years of this, she become more and more bitter, desperately wanting to be useful to her clan. Then the perfect moment arrives, when Shadowclan attacks. This isn't like most fights. Shadowclan isn't satisfied with just scaring Windclan, they're trying to chase them off for good. Lilywhisker can't allow herself to do nothing, so throws herself into battle. Rage that had been building inside her for years is suddenly freed. Nothing would ruin her moment of glory. She becomes bloodthirstily in her battle rage and end up going too far, killing an innocent kit (Passably others). Sadly, Lilywhisker is never able to rebel herself in time before she dies, sending her to the Dark Forest.

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That isn't really a reason for her to go to the Dark Forest (killing Badgerfang) bc it was a battle and accidents happen. Plus, Su practically sent every cat to the Dark Forest ;-;.
on July 11, 2017