I'm really attached and confused...

I'm really attached and confused...

I honestly need new friends. It's not just them, it's me too, but here's what's going on.

Some of them, no, most of them, don't care about their future. They don't really care about their grades or bettering themselves. I feel like me being around them makes myself like them, I don't want that.
I'm starting to curse in real life, and it feels so...foul in my mouth. I tried stopping, but their vocabulary keeps bleeding into mine.
And my grades were good when I was hanging around people who cared about their grades. Now, they're slipping, and catching myself is hard than I thought. I really don't know what to do. My mom and I had a discussion and she told me to leave them, but I'm too attached to one of them... I mean, but they do have good personality traits, but I'm just really bothered by this...unneeded nonchalantness. I mean, I care about bettering myself and my grades, but also my friends...What do I do?

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They ain't friends actually. Get out and move on. Find some other friends or...
Try getting them out to it and make them better themselves. Try saying "Hey, earth is getting old and weaker. What should we do for the new planet? I heard getting A's will actually help the world time by time".
on January 20, 2017
Well maybe it's time you move on. I understand if your friends mean a lot to you but if the whole cussing thing is bothering you ask them not to say those things around you.
If that doesn't work find someone who understands why you feel this way.
on March 24, 2016