Can you guys give me some writing prompts?

I've been wanting to write but I can't think of any good starts. Can you help me?

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you were born with the ability to know what is under your feet. you've worked alongside archeologists for years, uncovering ancient cities. today is the first time you have ever had to say "We should not dig here"

the frozen lake had finally cracked after all these years. but it was not this fact that surprised me, rather the single trail of footsteps leading out.

Werifesteria: to wonder longingly through the woods in search of mystery

it started when the moon began to glitch See More▼
on July 25, 2017
What type of writing are you looking for? Story, realistic or fantasy fiction, etc?

In a world where society places a standard mold for people to shape into, one person will begin a chain of breaking the mold, until the sea of debris is too much to handle and the factory that started it all suffocates in its own dust.
I didn't really have a plan on what kind it would be, I just wanted suggestions. Also, that is awesome!!
on May 24, 2017
on May 24, 2017