Hey guys I need help (please read description)

On Minecraft, me and my friend made a little fort on a server. We expanded it it and made it all awesome, with the help of a bunch of other friends. Me and my friends were the leaders of the place. Then the server reset and we had to start all over again. I couldn't get on Minecraft at the time we found out it reset, and then the other people rebuilt a new fort. We were going to keep the same government/rules as before, but now my other friends are saying that since they are the ones who rebuilt the fort and put the stuff in, that they should be the rulers. So not only do we have to abandon our old fort, but now they want to abandon the way we used to run it. What do I do?!

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Make a pig the ruler ^_^ . Probably the best...
on Friday
Tell them that they should have waited and made it a team effort
on July 12, 2014
Make your own fort and invite new people if possible! YAH!!
But i can't, cuz they're my only friends with Minecraft. Well, actuallly, we settled this already. For now.
on May 30, 2014
on May 29, 2014