Why do Muslims become very angry if there is a physical offense to the Koran?

Isn’t this extreme anger an exaggeration in respecting material thing and a kind of paganism? Doesn't the Koran deserve to be respected for its contents?

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It is wrong to destroy any religious item even if you are not part of the religion. If you are, for say, Christian, you would be mad if someone burned a bible? RIght?
on February 21, 2016
As the noble Koran contains the greatest legislations, the best morals and the most eloquent instructions coming from God, Muslims get interested in respecting and glorifying it whatever it is.
As the holy Koran contains the sacred words, so it refers to it and it is a symbol for it, so respecting and venerating the book is respecting and venerating the holy Koran, and offending it is an offence to the meanings and the legislations it has, so we get angry when someone offends See More▼
on January 16, 2015
Cause they are crazy people, I think in their religion if you make fun of their god you deserve to die or something.
Offensive much?
on April 17, 2016
on January 17, 2015