How do you usually deal with headaches?

I get headaches pretty often, most of which are actually pretty bad, but despite that, they're really hard for me to deal with. I've tried Tylenol and Advil, but sometimes they don't even work. Is there anything in particular you use to deal with headaches? Any answer is greatly appreciated.

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i can't often use medicines for my headaches so what works for me is usually just the long process of going to sleep. tic tacs work a lot of the time personally and i don't know why? my best reccomendation is to find out what type of headache you are having. the medicine can really be more effective then because maybe you don't need something like advil, which is mostly for tension or something. please try to use the most helpful medicine (hope this list helps you pin point one) See More▼
on July 10, 2019