Undertale: Do you think only characters with determination can see Save points?

Undertale: Do you think only characters with determination can see Save points?

While playing Undertale it's shown that all the characters with at least knowledge of Saving/resets all have Determination. For example, Flowey only started to use them AFTER he had determination put into him for Alphys' experiments , you find about near the end of Pacifist Ending.

However Sans also knows a lot about the resets and other things too. Even though it's never said Sans had Determination, well it's just a theory but it's possible Sans may be human. With it saying human souls have the power to live outside the body because of their Determination unlike monster souls.

And if you want to go really deep, there is a Monster in the old lads that hides itself as a Save point so it must know or have at least seen what a save point looks like. But even that one has Determination, as every monster in that area was one of the subjects filled with Determination as a test.

So what do you think? Can only things with Determination can see and use Save points?

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The only being that can see the save points is the one with the most DETERMINATION, which is the ability of a soul to persist outside of a body for extended periods of time. I fthere is a human in the Underground, then the Savepoints are going to be seen only by them. When there is no human, the Save points and the ability to Reset go to Flowey, because he is a living being without a soul, and that's a hell of a lot of determination.
on November 17, 2016
My theory says that not all beings with DETERMINATION see save points. Does flowey even have that? I dont remember. But Undyne has it, and Toby didn't hint at it that Undyne even kniws about how you are who you really are or how you do things. So basically, if you think about it, I dont really think so.
on November 11, 2016
I think they are aware of these save points but can't see them, mainly because they haven't been mentioned by any of the charatures which you would think would be a very important part of the plot. Yet since they can't see them I think they don't know much about them thus why they aren't mentioned? I dunno, this is just a theory ;3
on February 20, 2016