How to manage a weather migraine?

Okay, so for the past few days, a good friend of mine and I have both been having these headaches. They kinda come and go. Sometimes they get bad enough to cause nausea. The pain is widespread, it feels sort of like a dull, yet very painful pressure.
The headaches are worse on his side, for they’ve actually kept him home from school for a few days because the pain was so intense, and because it upset his stomach.
We’ve tried taking ibuprofen for said headaches, yet it doesn’t really help. At this point, we’re quite positive that it’s the weather.
Does anyone know what we can do to get rid of this? Both of us are so sick of having to deal with these headaches.

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^Also, I’ve only had my headache since yesterday. His has lingered since Monday or so. All of these days have been really stormy, and that’s why I assume that it’s the rain.
Neither of us have had a fever with this.
I don’t think it’s feom an injury. The last time Miah got hit in the head was a few months ago— Though this kid has had a ton of concussions.
I got hit in the eye with a mace, but it left a bruise and that’s it.
My headache gets worse in the car. But I have a history See More▼
on February 23, 2018