Warrior cats: Does Goosefeather deserve the Dark Forest?

Warrior cats: Does Goosefeather deserve the Dark Forest?

1) He abandoned Leopardfoot's birth in favor of searching for omens.
2) He gets Whitekit isolated from his father, without speaking to any suitable parties, not the father, leader or deputy.
3) He's shown to be aware of Spottedpaw and Thistleclaw's relationship when he off-handedly mentions she "loves foolishly". However, does nothing to about it, not even reporting it.

4) He's shown making regular trips to the Dark Forest. He does nothing to warn the Trainees like Croookedjaw.
5) He covered up Bluefur's Forbidden Relationship.
6) He falsely accused Stormtail of attampting to murder with him with a badger. Despite his mentor, sister and Stormtail himself pointing out he was getting help. For all his life, Goosefeather never apologised or admitted he was wrong.

7) Goosefeather got Thunderclan to attack Windclan unprovoked during Leafbare - Using the dirty method of destroying herbs. This endangered the lives of all of Windclan's members, including Queens, Elders and Kits. He also indirectly got Moonflower killed.
8) After Pinestar had a dream from Starclan demanding he kill Tigerkit, Goosefeather tells him to listen. He's telling a father to murder his only surviving infant. Goosefeather himself also acts aggressive towards Tigerkit.

9) He pressured Bluefur, a nursing queen to get rid of her kits. Indirectly making her drag them through a snowstorm, endangering all of them: “StarClan made me sacrifice everything I loved.” Bitterness rose like bile in her throat. “My kits—” Goosefeather cut her off. “They’re alive, aren’t they?” “Not Mosskit.” “StarClan will honor her loss.” “What about my loss?” “It is small compared with the fate of your Clan.” - He sounds surprised that the whole litter isn't dead. Had Goosefeather expected Bluefur to murder them? And neither does he care to hear about Mosskit's death.

10) He attacked two kits next to a river as a Medicine cat - Basically attampted murder. Stormkit broke his jaw and almost died. And unlike his other crimes, there's no grand purpose behind it, he almost killed two kits for no reason.

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He was cursed. I think that curse was enough. He didn’t know what to do, he was practically driven mad by being attacked by constant prophecies, most of which weren’t even relevant while he was alive. There are cats who’ve done worse(crookedstar’s Mother, Ashfur) who definitely deserve the dark forest.
Tigerkit was supposed to die because he grew up to be Tigerstar.
on October 17