Do you think wizards in Harry Potter are abusive/ disrespectful of Magical creatures?

Think about it. Dragons are inslaved, goblins are discriminated against, and much more. Even just the process of wand making... the wand always had to have a magical substance at its core and most wands (the wands made by Olivander) use one of three substances: unicorn hair, phinoex feather, or dragon heart string. Phinoex feather I am fine with. I'm sure they don't just ripe out all the feathers. It's probably done respectfully, but unicorn hair I don't understand. Unicorns, they say, are very powerful magic creatures. Killing them is such an impure act that it stains your soul. So isn't defyling it's body by cutting/riping it's hair our not such a good act? And with dragons: they are inslaved and feared, but they are also killed to use their heart strings to make wands. In a way it reminds me of coloinizers in the U.S. killing the buffalo almost to extinction only for their pelts. It seems horrible the way magical creatures are treated by wizards (goblins forbidden to use magic) I want to join Hermione in her S.P.E.W. campaign!

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You make such a valid point..
on August 11, 2016