You could be on ANY world for a year before you disappear back into this one, What World Would you Go to?

And what would be? (A Unique race to that world or Human)
Would you consider yourself Good or evil? (Or whatever)
What would you do during this year?
Who would you like to meet?
How would you like your "Disappearance" to be like? (Just Vanish, Die, Leave, or something else {You have to disappear when your year is up} )

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Answers (3)

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World: The Walking Dead or just an apocalypse (which technically isn't the same as this one for reasons i don't feel like explaining, and though i dont actually want an apocalypse to happen, i just get transported back to the real world)
Good or Evil: Neither. I'd be neutral.
What I Would Do: Survive, and maybe meet some survivors I'll become friends with. And maybe a few things that used to be illegal.
Who I Would Like to Meet: I don't really want to meet Rick and co., but if See More▼
on March 07, 2016
World:where ever sonic is from.
Good or evil:Both
What I do:hang out with sonic.
Who I meet:sonic and Freinds.
How I leaveortal that freezes time in my world.
on March 07, 2016
World: Steven Universe
Good or Evil: Good
What I do: Hang out with the crystal gems and protect humanity >:3
Who I meet: Basically all the humans and the crystal gems I guess
How I leave: Um..Say I must go back to the world where I was human..yeesh,that'll be awkward.
on March 07, 2016