What is a good way to deal with depression?

What is a good way to deal with depression?

Hello beauties! I am sorry I have not been on in a while! I feel absolutely horrible... I have just fell into a deep bout of depression... I need your help.

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The way I handled it was to,
Think there is only one of you,
Think about your accomplishments and what you wish to achieve
Write a list of good things and bad things about your self

I hope you get back into happyness
on December 21, 2017
This actually saved my friend’s life. Ask Amazon Echo, Siri, or google home. I5 will actuall6 provide suggestions. Just say “I’m depressed” and your done.
30 days ago
I suggest you talk about your problems with someone who you trust. It works. Me and my friend Shygirl23 constantly are telling each other our problems, with our solutions. It’s great 😄👍🏻
on Friday