Does anybody have any tips for writing comedy?

So I am starting to write a dark comedy novel and as I think it through in my head I can't seem to understand how physical comedy or observational comedy or many other types of comedy can be used. When it's explained by the character it seems to loose it's humor... I can write comedy in dialogue, but they other things don't seem funny in a narrative form, at least the way I write them. I would love some tips!

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Express yourself, but still write something funny. Like me and my friends did a comedy for the talent show (it was bad but whatever) We expressed ourselves by doing one girl with a scooter saying you see me rolling, and then something funny cuz another girl said 'hey what did the elephant say to the peanut? I'm gonna eat you!' so try that kind of stuff... post what you write on here cuz I kinda wanna see when you're done!
I'm okay with coming up with comedy. It's turning it into a first person narrative that gets me. When the comedy is explained through the characters thoughts it doesn't seem to be funny anymore, do you know what I mean?
on May 16, 2016
on May 16, 2016
Express yourself! Once I took a project and made it funny using my imagination. I thought about the facts and what I could write that was funny and was really what I wanted to say! You should just think about what you are talking about and think really hard and you will probably come up with something really funny!
on December 17, 2016