So I'm writing a Warrior Cat story...

I'm writing a Warrior Cat story. (Typical me lol) I know this is weird but usually I write like that preview thing you can find on the back of a book first. I do it because it helps me write? I'm not sure but yeah. This is it.

Skypaw has everything. His mother is the Clan leader, they have forest rich with prey, and they rarely go hungry. But when a stranger intrudes into the very heart of the territory, strange things begin to happen. The land that the four Clans once knew has turned its back on them. Just like the old lake territory, the rivers start to flood, the wind rips tree roots from the very foundation that they have stood for seasons upon seasons, and the cats hear strange noises when there should be silence. When the Warrior Code is broken in unimaginable ways and tragedy strikes, Skypaw’s world turns dark. Full of fear of what he believes will happen but never does, his life is turned upside down. From his dark and twisted perspective that is constantly escalating, paranoia of even his own Clanmates and the shadows of his past, he betrays StarClan itself while fighting to prevent what he thinks will tear the Clans apart.

Should I make Skypaw good or evil? I like the plot now but I'm not sure if it's too much. (also, he's kind of messed up because I'm thinking something really bad happens to him and a cat he cares about dies because the warrior code was broken. He's blinded by that and literally like has this hatred towards any cat that doesn't follow the rules and kills them or something? All in all he THINKS he's saving the Clans but he's not. I don't want the book to end with him murdering every cat off though, so I need something to help him realize that he's pretty much heading to Dark Forest if he doesn't just stop with the damn killing lol. Classically he can't be caught but... I just need opinions?)

I swear I just spoiled it lmao

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