Is Goosefeather actually misunderstood?

Is Goosefeather actually misunderstood?

He makes up omens just to impress some kits, not thinking of the risks:

Bluekit: “What sort of signs?”
Goosefeather: *Shrugs* “The clouds for example. I can tell just by looking that StarClan sees kits hurrying toward becoming ’paws.”
Adderfang: *Speaks archly* “Another prophecy?”
Snowkit: “Kits becoming ’paws? Does that mean us?”
Goosefeather: “It might.”
Adderfang: *Snorts and pads away*

He’s lazy:
Mumblefoot:”What herb was he supposedly collecting this morning?Well, I saw him sunning himself by the Owl Tree, fast asleep. His snoring was scaring the prey.” – Bluestar’s Prophecy

He abandoned Leopardfoot’s almost fatal birth: 1) “Goosefeather appeared from the gorse tunnel and padded straight to his den. He didn’t even stop to ask how Leopardfoot was. Bluefur pressed back the urge to rake his muzzle with her claws. He’s supposed to be the Clan medicine cat, for StarClan’s sake!” – Bluestar’s Prophecy

He slept while Spottedpaw needed treatment: Featherwhisker mewed. “Let’s get you into my den so we can find something to help with the pain.” […] Every part of Spottedpaw’s body was aching, even her ears and her teeth. […] Goosefeather was dozing in his nest. He briefly looked up at the new arrivals, then lay down again with a grunt.

He knew about Thistleclaw’s and Spottedpaw’s inappropriate relationship. Yet never bother to warn when she panicky questioned him or reported it: “Your heart is blind, Spottedpaw,” he murmured, so quietly she could hardly hear. “That’s a lesson you will never learn.”
“What are you talking about? What lesson?” Spottedpaw spoke sharply, feeling a jolt of panic rise inside her. Goosefeather let out a faint snore.

He falsely and carelessly accused Stormtail of murder, never withdrawing it for all his life; “Don’t be so absurd!” Stormtail meowed. “I ran to fetch help!” “You brought it to me deliberately! If I had died, my blood would be on your paws!”

He made regular trips to the Dark Forest for no reason, and did nothing to warn the Trainees. Including Crookedjaw, the young cat’s life he ruined: Goosefeather stood his ground. “Is this the newcomer?” His growl was rasping and deep. Crookedpaw stared at Mapleshade. “Is Goosefeather dead?” “Are you?” Mapleshade replied. “I—I guess not.” Crookedpaw peered past her but the old medicine cat had disappeared.

He pressured Bluefur to give up her kits, surprised the whole litter wasn’t dead and didn’t care about Mosskit’s death:
“The kits were your choice,” Goosefeather pointed out. “StarClan made no provision for them.”
“StarClan made me sacrifice everything I loved.” Bitterness rose like bile in her throat. “My kits—”
Goosefeather cut her off. “They’re alive, aren’t they?”- “Not Mosskit.” – “StarClan will honor her loss.” -“What about my loss?” -“It is small compared with the fate of your Clan.”

He had no remorse for Moonflower’s death:

His first words after his sister body in dumped in front of him: “I was only interpreting the signs from StarClan,” Goosefeather defended himself *calmly*.
In Ultimate Guide: “Goosefeather was unrepentant, insisting that his omens were correct.” –

He lazily ordered Pinestar to murder his infant son, not bothering to come up with any less extreme alternative, instantly leaving:

Starclan: “Kill him! It is the only way to save your Clan!”
Pinestar: “I cannot kill my own son!”
Goosefeather: “Having a bad dream, were you?” “It doesn’t matter,” Pinestar mewed. [...]
Pinestar: “Oh, I think it does,” growled Goosefeather, taking a step into the den. “Sweetpaw is dead.”
Goosefeather: Sweetpaw is dead.
Pinestar: “But . . . but it’s been nearly a quarter-moon since she ate that mouse! Bluefur and Rosepaw got better ages ago!”
Goosefeather: “And Sweetpaw didn’t" “Another death, and your kits are still so weak. . . .”
PinestaR: “They have nothing to do with Sweetpaw,. “I thought the Clan was getting stronger, The fresh-kill pile has been full for days. I thought everything was going to be okay.”
Goosefeather: Did you really? Don’t be a fool, Pinestar. I think StarClan has told you exactly what is going on.” He turned and limped out of the den.:

He attacked two kits while they crossed a river, one almost dying and getting forever disfigured:The tom’s gaze narrowed. “How dare you?” His ears flattened. Stormkit felt sick. “He’s going to kill us!” Oakkit croaked. “Run!” […]The tom yowled behind them. Stormkit hurtled after his brother. “You don’t get away from Goosefeather that easily!” the old cat snarled. Stormkit felt hot breath on his heels and jagged claws spiked his tail. Unbalanced, he leaped for the final stone. His paws hit water as he plunged into the river.StarClan help me! Pain shot through his face as he collided with the base of the rock” – Crookedstar’s Promise

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