wisdom teeth or something else?

so I already know my wisdom teeth are coming in— you can see them starting to come out a bit. however, I’ve also been getting headaches and I’m wondering if they could be caused by my teeth?
they’re like
pretty dull and minor. they come on suddenly, last a few seconds, and then stop. they’re also usually behind my eye, behind my ear, or starting st my jaw and going down
is this from my teeth or nah?

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Answers (2)

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Teeth are connected to multiple nerves so completely normal most of the time, but if you really think that their may be a problem then don't hesitate to consult your doctor!
But yeah. My sister and brother experienced the same things with their toothaches so they had to get it pulled out, but it's also very common with wisdom teeth, too.
on April 18
I have my wisdom teeth coming in but it’s stuck under my gums and I had to get two brackets on them and the brackets are hurting my mouth when I touch my back gums it hurts
on April 18