Harry Potter birthday party ideas

I need really fun ideas that aren't too babyish. Sorting hat is a definite yes, but I need other activities without spending the entire time being active (girls just wanna talk sometimes). I know the most mature idea would be to hang a few decorations and put on a movie. But I wanna have some activities, too! I can't do an Olivander's thing, I already made wands for like half my friends. I would like to do something where we take classes and stuff, but I need something that's not stupid. I haven't found a single site that suggested anything for Transfiguration other than Charades. Maybe I could do something cool for Potions. I just need ideas!
Btw, I have no idea wy I'm asking this because my birthday isn't for like half a year or something.

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You could dress up as Harry Potter!
on February 04, 2016
-Have duelling contests on Pottermore.
-Take quizzes on Harry Potter to see who is the biggest fan.
-See who can name the most spells without saying one twice.
-Do what Amanda.elio suggested; make drinks for Potions.
-Act out teaches or characters and the others have to guess which one it is.

Hope this helped!
I love those ideas, but the problem is most of friends don't really like Harry Potter.
on April 18, 2014
on April 18, 2014
If you want to do something for Potions you could look up drink mixes and have everyone make there own
on April 17, 2014