whats the tea on cartilage piercings?

so im thinking about getting a few piercings this summer— including my earlobes and possibly a cartilage piercing. ive heard those hurt a LOT though. im not extremely worried about my earlobes, but the cartilage piercing. how should i prepare for this? is there any way i can make it less painful?

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Cartilage piercings are just a bit more painful than lobe piercings but once it's done you'll wonder why you were worried in the first place. Just make sure whoever does your piercings knows what they're doing
on June 29, 2019
Girl wyd going to qfeast about this lol? Get a consultation with whichever artist you wanna get it from. Also make sure you do a background check on them (social media, pictures and reviews from past clients, etc.).
on June 29, 2019