Preview for my Invader ZIm fan fiction!

Preview for my Invader ZIm fan fiction!

This preview is too short for a story. So, it's going to be the story of my Irken. In Between almost every chapter I will put little things explaining parts of the Invader Zim world (because I seem to be the only Invader Zim fan on here) so you understand stuff! And i'm not sure when it's coming out but I'm putting it on Qfeast and it may take a while. Ok so now for the preview. WAIT! Just so you know, these are probably not the exact words in the story, but it will involve this part somewhere in the beginning. Ok NOW here we go:
I was probably the only Irken who didn't want to be one of The Tallest. I mean, who wouldn't want to be the supreme leader of Irk because of nothing more than their height? Me. The only problem is, I'm supposed to end up growing enough to be one of them. Most Irkens would die to be in my shoes. I'd give the my opportunity, but it's not possible to just wave a wand and magically give your height to some other random Irken. Trust me, I've tried with my sister. Well, I guess there are some perks to being the future supreme ruler of your planet. I'm one of the few that The Tallest like. I'm supposed to "learn" from visiting them all the time. Which is actually kinda fun. I don't have too many bad memories from the time when I actually wanted to be one of them. But there's one memory I'll never forget. One day, I was there on a holiday looking at all the planets and star. The Red Tallest was talking to me. I never could understand much of what they ever said, but I tried to answer their questions. He said "So, you know that even though you are going to be one of The Tallest one day, you can still be an Invader like you want. After all, you do have skills. Which planet would you want to conquer?". I had thought about that question before, and I knew. I pointed up at the blue and green planet called Earth. "Earth?" he sounded confused. "Why Earth? It's an ugly planet, not worth our control". I had heard that before, too. "Because there are creatures there that wouldn't freak out if I blew my cover. Unlike most planets, they aren't that bad" I explained. He realized my point "I see. Most people pick Gandropan, because it has a very valuable resource. Gold". Of course, they pick it for it's gold. Typical. Too bad I didn't think that at the time.

So did you like it? Please tell me your thoughts. And :-D! By the way, this picture is the main character, Kas. PLEASE DON"T READ THE WORDS ON THE PICTURE!!! Kas is supposed to be me as an Irken.

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I like how you started it I think you will turn out fine but take my opion because im to nice unless you piss me off so good luck honey
on May 26, 2013