wwffy- Secrets of another world -2-

wwffy- Secrets of another world -2-

this is part 2 of the one i made earlier --- You were on a human world, aventuring around and found a pretty spot. You and your two best friends were playing games until there was a sudden 'earthquack' and a portal appeared. soon you were forced into another world filled with power, adventures and mysteries.

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You heard voices once you start waking up from your dream world.
"Do you think she's gonna be ok?"
"Yea I'm pretty sure.."
"Sonic! I missed you!" You hear a shudden thud.
"Ugh Amy! Get off me!"
You felt something poke your cheek, "Tails are you sure she'll be alright? I'm a little concerned.."
Laughter was heard "yes Ruby, she'll be fine."

Nyygh.. Don't
touch meee
*blushes sense
someone poked
What the crap...?
Hmm. Let me

You finally opened your eyes to see icey blue eyes, and you see that it's a leopards eyes you gasp, sorta scared.
The leopard gasp, jumping back and said "I'm so sorry! I must've woke you or something! I-"
"Ruby you were worried, I'm sure she'll understand." And two tailed fox laughed.
The cat, apparently Ruby, rubbed the back of her head laughing nervously. You decided to sit up, and look around. You saw the leopard, two tailed fox, 4 hedgehogs, and a cat. Standing up as if they were humans... Now you know you were in a different world.

Where am I?!
What the h*ll is
this place..?
heh, atleast I get
to have new

"Anyway, im happy you are ok, im Ruby, and you'd know me as Rose. heh, ill explain that stuff later." said the leopard, swinging her tail back and forth. she points to the two hedgehogs on the ground "blue one is Sonic, and-" the blue one looks at you and grins, while waving. "-the pink one is Amy." once Amy heard her name, she jumped up and ran over to you and Ruby. "Hi!" she smiled all girly like.

go awayyyyyyy
oh hi
hello child.

Ruby rolls her eyes, and points to the cat "That's Blaze." Blaze looks at you and smiles. "And, the fox over there is Tails." He waves at you, giving a little hello. You nod at him, and smile.
Ruby continues. "Then that's Sliver and Shadow. " she points to the two hedgehogs on the couch across the room. Shadow had his arms crossed, he just waved his fingers, and Sliver gave you a huge smile, waving.
You smile at him and wave back.

Heh, yay new ppl..
Hi guys! C:
Hello everyone, I'm
Hi ppl, I'm Y/N,
nice to meet you

Ruby then smiles at you. "If you don't mind, you will stay with us, until we figure out a way to get you back to the human world. So, I'll show you your room." She grabs your hands with her brown gloves, and has you follo.w (stupid qfeast >.> ) her to your new room.

But what if I wanna
go home now?
To my room we

She took you to a room and opened the door. She let go of your hand and did jaz hands. "TADAAA!" The leopard smiles at you. You just laugh, "really?" "Yep!"
You both enter the room, you had a big, fluffy, and comfortable bed, there was a small closet, a dresser, a book case filled with books, and a flat screen TV on the wall.
Your eyes widen with shock, "

Wow, this room is
so big, and pretty!
Thank you!"
WOWIE! I didn't
expect this!
Heh, thanks for the
room. This is too
much to ask for!"
Hmph, thank you."

You then remember something. Last night you were freed by Luna, who was transformed into a dog, like Ruby. But she was the one who captured you, well tectnally Eggman did, but still. She worked for the fat man.
You looked at Ruby, and asked, "hey, um. Can we talk? I have a few questions."
Ruby nods and shuts the door, and sat on the bed, patting next to her, gesturing you to sit next to her, and you did. "Sure, what's up?"
You sigh, and say "

Well, you know
Luna? She had that
EGGMAN capture
me, but then later
freed me. Why?"
Luna sorta freed
me after I got
captured... So, I
wanna know why."
Luna let me get
captured, and then
freed me later on.
Why is that?"
Well, our friend
Luna sorta freed
me later on after I
got captured. Do
you know why?"

Ruby nods, and laughs. "You mean Lexi. Well, let's just say, that she grew up with eggman, and then she when she makes mistakes, she fixes them. You know, the guy who brought you here, and myself, is the only two mobians that know she is good. And now you do." Ruby smiles at you.
"And who was that guy that brought me here?" You asked curiously. Ruby shrugs. "I don't know, but you'll probably figure out later. Anyway, you need a tour of this huge place! I can't, but you can ask anyone else besides me Amy and Blaze." She winks at you, and then flicks her fingers. "Oh yea" she gave you a phone, "this is just in case you need to call anyone and such. Everyone's number is on there so yea, later!" After that she left you in your room.

Hmm, a phone eh?
This doesn't look
like a regular
phone to me but I
am in a other
she rushes. Lol
Yay! A Phone!

You then thought for a moment. 'Who am I gonna ask to tour me?'
You then put your phone in your pocket, and opened your door, and went down the stairs, to the living room, sense you remembered the way Ruby took you.
You then saw everyone of the boys playing the WiiU. You smile, realizing that this world isn't much different than the human world. You then walked up to the special some one you picked, and taped their shoulder.

I taped Shadows..
I taped Tails
I taped Sonic's
shoulder c: