Which crazy craft youtuber are you most like?

Which crazy craft youtuber are you most like?

test witch crazy crafter you are like! (if you get ldshadowlady im proud of you)

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ok so lets start out simple. witch username sounds coolest to you? ( btw i know i didnt get all of them i got tired ok? )

joey graceffa

ok sio, whats your favorite color?

purple! blue..... maybe pink just a little bit....
pink or blue maybe..
pink! i also love pastel colors!
gray i guess
ooohhhhhh kewl question obviously green!

alright good answers next, witch one is most appealing to you?

galaxy DUHHHH
.... shrek
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk minecraft?

ok good answers good answers ( ik they werent in the same theme but i needed to know ) it would make more sence if you watched them ok anyways witch video style and or game sounds most appealing to YOU

horror, maybe a little suspence
vlogs maybe a few with some famous people once IM famous enough
minecraft or cod, world of warcraft, things like that
minecraft and some random games here and there
some colabs and minecraft

alright awesome, now witch one discribes your personality the most?

funny maybe a little random
i swear alot but im warm hearted I PROMISE
i can be hyper im funny and swear only a little
i like horror games so im pretty brave and used to jumpscares and suspence
i like minecraft...... i love gaming..... idk ur putting presure on me

ok nice answers all good personalities to have. now be honest for this one, do you cuss? last one btw

a little... maybe alot....
to a avrage.
not really
i little i try to replace them with thing like flipping
same thats above