Personality Quiz (14)

Personality Quiz (14)

Simple personalities that might seem familiar, and that people around you have.

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Roleplay time: You are being picked on. Reaction?

Let it happen.
I am the person picking on someone.
Yell at the person! Fight them!

You are a new student. What is something you do on your first day of school?

I sit in the back of the classroom, quiet.
Quietly judge people, determining whether or not I should speak to them.
I introduce myself to everyone. Loudly.

You are walking down the hallway, when someone trips you.

Pick yourself up and hurry away, tears forming in your eyes.
Stand up and tell them off, throwing insults and jabs.
Stand up, stop them, and argue, telling them to apologize to you.

RP over.
Favorite colors?

Pastel colors.
Hot pink, black, other bright colors.
Unnatural colors, maybe the entire rainbow.

Favorite animal?

Something mythical, like a unicorn.
A zebra, giraffe, or another wild animal.

Social media?