Warrior Cat Adventure #1

Warrior Cat Adventure #1

This starts out as you an apprentice. You mentor, me, will send you on a secret mission that you alone can succeed or fail... Can you survive?

published on September 04, 201518 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

Me: Hey, wake up, Shadepaw!
You: *Mumble, mumble, grunt*
Me: Flamepaw's missing.
You: WHAT?
Me: Riverstar wants us.

You: Let's go, then! Flamepaw was my best friend! I don't want him to be gone!
Me: Hurry up.
You: Meh, leave me be... I'm tired. Besides, I don't believe you...
Me: Get up! I order you!

When you get to Riverstar's den...
Riverstar: You're here. As you know, Flamepaw's missing. I [turns to you] want you to go and find him!
Me: This will be your first mission, Shadepaw. Will you do it?

You: *Yawns* I still don't believe you...
Riverstar: I'll get another apprentice.
Me: I'm disappointed in you, Shadepaw.
You: Of course I'll do it! Flamepaw is my closest friend I have!
Me: I knew you would!
Riverstar: Hurry. Go to Windfern and get some traveling herbs, quickly.

You get to Windfern's den and gets some traveling herbs and eat them fast. You are about to depart...
Me: Travel safely!
Riverstar: We'll never forget your courage, young one.

You: Ok, bye!
Me: Bye!
Riverstar: Travel well!
You: Ugh. Fine.
Riverstar: Why does this Clan have such an unloyal cat?

You are traveling through the woods when you started sinking in a badger set.

You grab onto a low branch and tug yourself half way out...

Somehow, you finally escape the great peril.
After walking, you are at the Shadowclan border.
You start smelling Flamepaw's scent... and another cat's!
It leads into Shadowclan.
Do you...?

Run across the thunderpath and charge into Shadowclan camp!
No plan!
Just do!
Wait for the right time to run across the thunderpath.
Then form a plan... carefully.

You keep following the scent of your friend.
(After you cross the thunderpath, of course!)
Suddenly, an enemy cat leaps at you.

Fight, fight, fight, fight!
Stalk, watch, be patient, then leap!

More cats join the fight, and soon you are surrounded!
You are taken to the Shadowclan camp and is forced towards Frogstar, the Shadowclan leader.

Attack him!
Kill him!
Wait... find out what he wants... save your energy.

Frogstar: Hello. I was expecting you.
You: *Grrr* What do you want?
Frogstar: More territory in exchange for your tiny apprentice!

You: Ok! I'll do anything for him!
Frogstar: *Chuckle* Alright, then.
You: Never! We will never give territory! But we will never loose Flamepaw! You had better watch out, Frogstar.
Frogstar: We'll see about that, young apprentice.

You are forced in a den.
You find Flamepaw there, and you try to plan an escape, and a warning to Thunderclan...

You plan to escape in the night on a rainy while the stupid prison guard is sleeping.
Then sneak across the thunderpath and warn Thunderclan about Shadowclan wanting more territory.
Escape right now!
Fight your way out!
Run as fast as the wind to Thunderclan!

You start to argue about what plan to do... but finally, that rainy night comes.
But the prison guard is actually gone!
Flamepaw: Let's go now!
You: No! It might be a trap! Why would they deliberately leave without the prison guarded?

You: We-will-not-go!
Flamepaw: Fine. *Grunt*
You: Fine. We'll go now...
Flamepaw: Hurry up!

You sneak out.
Suddenly, Frogstar himself attacks you!

Cower and rush back into the cave.
Be like a true warrior!
Be brave-be smart- be patient and skilled!

Frogstar is weakening, and you and Flamepaw hurry away while the Shadowclan leader is still howling with agony.
You cross the thunderpath and into Thunderclan territory.
You are safe, and make it to the clan camp.
Me: You're back! Riverstar, Riverstar, they're back!

Riverstar: Well done, Shadepaw!
Riverstar: Hmm. Very well done.

You go back to your den. Your warrior ceremony is tomorrow. Flamepaw comes in and speaks rudely to you.

You: Stop! I was the one to rescue you.
You: [Claws at him] Stop, you piece of fox dung!