Sonic wwwfy 2

Sonic wwwfy 2

Recap: You were in the cafeteria with me and Erica when you were kidnapped by Eggman.

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Later you wake up tied to a chair. You are in a giant tube.

What the?
Why am I in here? What did I ever do to you?
(Bursts into tears)
Let me out...
Where am I? Why am I in this glass tube?
Whoever put me in this glass tube will suffer! Is
it you Melody? Cause if it is that's another thing
to add to the list of things you've done to me.
(Melody: Stop blaming me for everything.)

The man who kidnapped you walks into the room
Eggman: Well y/n I see your finally awake. Have you noticed what my experiment has done to you yet?
You look down and see that your a...

None of the above...

Suddenly 6 male creatures burst through the wall. Only one crosses your mind.

That red and black one with the red eyes...
That silver one is cute!
That fox is so adorable! And he has 2 tails!
The echidna looks tough. Maybe he can help
me get Melody back for what she did. ( Melody:
What did I ever do to you!)
The blue one is adorbs. Wait... Is that Sonic
from the video games? OMG!
That black and blue one...

Eggman: Sonic!? Silver!? Shadow!? Others!?
Sonic: We've come to free y/n.
Eggman: Never
You see a purple hedgebat with wavy black hair swoop down. She frees you.

Thanks! (Melody: Don't talk... I don't want to
be caught. ( grabs your wrist and takes you
Thanks i guess... (Melody: No prob. Now lets
Hey. Have you seen a girl named Melody?
(Melody: 0-0 Nope... who's Melody? (Quickly
flies out)
Thanks :)
... (Melody: What... No thank you?)
Thanks! (Melody: lets go before were caught)

Outside you see 2 other creatures... Ones a hedgecat and the other is a hedgehog.
The hedgehog has red hair and purple fur and a robotic arm.
Luna: Hi! Im Luna.

Hi Luna...
Hi Luna! How are you?
Have you seen a girl named Melody? (Melody: I
was never here.)
Hi! You seem just like me! (Melody: How do
you know shes just like you?) Because she
seems like a sister!

The hedgecat introduced herself next
Erica: Its me Erica.
Melody: And its me... Melody

I knew it was you Melody! Time to get you
back. (Melody: 0-0 *flies away*) *chases after
Melody? Erica? Yay! I thought I would never
see you again. * hugs*
Sup? (Melody: Ugh... Erica: Nm)
Hi guys... ( Melody: Hey)
... (Erica: Ugh...)
Hey guys! How are you?

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Wait... I have to wait till next time to get Melody back?
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