Are you a psycho?

Are you Sane, Unstable, or Psycho. Find out now by taking the quiz. warning: Can contain some fairy personal question

published on August 19, 201562 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

Are you happy?

Kind of

Do you have scenes in your mind about things. If so, what do you see

I experience gruesome scenes
I experience normal or even odd scenes
I don't experience scenes in the daytime

What do you dream about

Normal things
Normal things with some nightmares
Nightmares and gruesome scenes that feel real

Do people like you

No, they fear me
I am med rated when it comes to people liking me
Yes, I have lots of friends

Have you had a hard past in your lifetime?

No, not really
Yea a lot of bumps here and there
My past sucked and I hated it

So how about the quiz?

It sucked
It was good I guess
It was great?