what does your favorite fandom say about you?


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Which of these sciences or subjects are you the most interested in?

World history
Chinese Mythology/or other asian cultures
Conlangs and linguistics
Gangology (study of gang culture and general gang knowledge)
Technology and videogame-ology

Have your parents ever heard of the fandom you're into even if they dont know jackshit about it? (aside from you talking about it)

No/doubt it

What's your favorite character archetype?

the short angry one who always yells but he's a softie behind his "creative" vulgarity
the "im babey"
Cool 90's characters (optional but they could be a skater cuz thats totally radical dude B))
Emotionally clueless genius types
Mysterious guys who may have killed their whole family or watched them die in front of them ♡_♡
Isekai protagonists or cool guys like Kirito who are just like me
i have too many to choose! i can switch from stanning the heros to the villains in seconds
Elderly wise one who gives tasks and is mysterious but deep and spiritual. Can make the best roasts or jokes in the entire series but only occasionally.
the softie who's become tough and incredibly strong over the years but has a heart of gold and often guides others. sub, takes orders.

Is the series you hope to get as a result a...

Video game, comic, tv series, soon to be movie
old book, i think it had a few movies? im into the tv series though
Video game
Long running series of multiple comics and movies (and animated shows a few times)
book trilogy turned movies
an 8th grade level reading book

(Kind of a gorly question, so for guys im sorry just pretend youre a gorl k) which odd accessory would you add to your wedding dress?

star necklace or starry headpiece
brown satchel
maybe a slightly cute wolf ear headband or tail. or something like this but more subtle so no one calls me a furry
those like, thin see through fabric things that drape from your sleeves and look flowy and magical
leather jacket or choker
a touch of color other than bland white, assuming id even wear a dress which i wouldnt. capes are alright too i guess
an obe or sash around my waist with a large bow in the back (like kimonos have)
idfk what. ew
the champagne color to my dress to look mature and classic? blood red lipstick in my makeup

select your attention span according to how much material of your fandom/series youve seen

god a lot beyond comprehension
8 or 7