Worst WWFFY thingamajinger ever (Females only version)

Worst WWFFY thingamajinger ever (Females only version)

OK! There are sooo many of these quizzes put there, so I gave the bandwagon a chance. This includes My characters, some FNAF animatronics, and a possible game over. Enjoy! The males only version will be out soon.

published on November 21, 20144 responses 0

How would you describe your appearance?

I'm pretty skinny,
heh heh.
To be honest, I'm
kinda... large.
Rock 'N' roll!
Eh... Normal.

What would you wear to surprise your date?

Dress with a fire
Aero Smith shirt
Cosplay as an
anime character!
Actually smile.
Show up in blood
stains from that
one girl.

Which of these describe you?

Gamer girl.
Energetic and
sugary! Wheee!
I love music! Turn
it up!
British guys are
A little seductive ;)

What do you like in a guy?

Someone who is
okay with yanderes
as long as he
doesn't get
A guy with a british
An evil dude.
Guitar skills.

How would you confess to a guy?

Run to him and
constantly yell that
I love him. (Me:
You're gonna scare
Take his hand and
try to confess
slowly enough for
him not to freak
out, but fast
enough that his
parents don't show
up and
Play him my own
Let him sneak up,
and then kiss him
when he least
expects it.
Take him to see fire
works. :)

Perfect date?

On the couch,
eating cereal and
pizza while playing
some awesome
He teaches me his
evil magic!
We make a band!
A normal date.
Pyrotechnics show!
come on!