Which 'The Breakfast Club' character are you?

Which 'The Breakfast Club' character are you?

The Breakfast Club is a classic movie about five high schoolers who get sent to the library for detention. Have you ever wondered which of these five children you relate to the most? Perhaps the rebellious and disrespectful John Bender, or the strange girl known as Allison. Maybe you relate to the beautiful Claire or the athletic Andrew? Take this quiz to find out which character you are!

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Which stereotype do you believe defines you the most?

Prom Queen
Basket case

How do you tend to dress?

A knit sweater and
a pair of khakis.
Nothing too
A varsity jacket
and a pair of pants.
I have to look
trendy and athletic.
A skirt and a
blouse, for I must
look proper to
present myself to
A lot of dark
clothing to hide
myself from the
A flannel shirt,
some jeans, and a
denim jacket. It's
very important to
look intimidating.

What seems like an appealing lunch?

A healthy, balanced
meal, with each of
the food groups
Something that
contains a lot of
A sophisticated and
expensive meal
such as sushi
A strange
combination of
foods, on a
sandwich, usually
very sugary.
I just steal other
people's lunch.

What does your family think of you?

My family is very
dysfunctional and
My family is rich,
but not happy
My family likes to
use me as a tool
My family
pressures me to do
well in school
My family is very
athletic, and they
actually quite like
me. However, I
want to please
them, and I fear

Do you drink or smoke anything?

Yes; I smoke drugs
such as marijuana,
and occasionally I
I have smoked
before, but I do not
do it very often.
I drink some strong
beverages, like
I believe I have
smoked once. But
only a little!!
I've smoked a few

What seems to be your main personality trait?

Being Uptight

Do you tend to be easily manipulated to do things against your will?

manipulated? Not
really, for I am
usually the one
being manipulative.
Yes. I often do
things my friends
to, even if I don't
want to do it
Not really.
Never. I prefer not
to be that way, for
I am smart enough
to know that it can
get me into
It really depends
on the situation.

What seems to be your fatal flaw?

My short temper
and brutal honesty.
My habit of being
easily manipulated
My bitter attitude
and solitude
My sensitivity
My overconfidence

Do you tend to fight back?

Yes, though I am
usually starting the
It depends on the
Not really

Are you a social person?

Yes, but I'm not
exactly polite
Yes-- I'm very
popular, and I love
to talk to people
Ew, no.
A little bit
I'm quite social