are you a basic bitch?

are you a basic bitch?

ever wondered whether or not you were just a basic bitch or a plain jane? i'll answer that for you right here, right now. offensiveness warning. :)

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what kinds of shoes do you wear?

converses, vans,
flip-flops, off-brand
sneakers, etc...
skechers, new
balance, brooks, etc...

do you post pictures of your food online?

not often. :)
all the time.
starbucks, kfc, you
name it, i'll post it.
not really, no.

do you wear chokers?

yes, along with
everything else.
sure, but it's the only
accessory i wear.

where do you live?

my house??
my phone.
my work.

do you bleach your hair blonde weekly/monthly/at all?

i did it just for fun
once or twice.
i missed my monthly
appointment to take
this quiz.