What's Your Animal Personality?

What's Your Animal Personality?

Find which animal best fits your personality- And I know, kind of a cliche idea, but I don't have a lot of time, so enjoy anyway! I'm sorry if this doesn't exactly add up to you, it's the best I could do in 20 mins! (Don't hurt me in the comments, preferably!)

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If you had a chance to go on a wild, and maybe a little dangerous adventure across the world, would you take it?

Yes! I'd love to see other cultures, and talk to some diverse communities!
Yes. I'd like to see their opinion on worldly matters. Also to taste different food.
No, I wouldn't really want to risk having a serious injury just for fun.
I dunno

Where would you most likely be in this picture?

Where would you most likely be in this picture?
In the forest!
In the ocean!
In the snow!
Getting active by climbing a beautiful old tree!

If your cat ran away, in what way would you try to find it?

By calling your friends and organizing a search party! You can have fun, too!
By printing out posters with the cat's face on them.
Waiting at home. You know the cat's probably going to come back, so why waste the energy?
By making a reward for the person who finds it, and threatening desolation to the person if
they stole the cat.

If you heard a creaking in the middle of the night, coming from the room next to yours, what would you do?

Go and investigate. You grab a baseball bat just in case...
Quickly call one of your friends. The sound of their voice calms you down.
Stay huddled in your blanket. No need to get all frazzled up over nothing...
Quietly think about all the escape routes in your house, and which ones are closer if you need
to run.

You just got a dog! What do you name it?

Mr. Mathewson! I love animals with people names!
You name it after someone in a fandom.
Probably something small and cute, something I won't get tired of.
I have to really get to know it first...

Left or right?


Meat or Veggies?


Up or Down?


Sorry this quiz is short! Have a nice day!

You too.