Are you a cat or a dog? (9)

Take this super fun quiz to find out if you more like a cat or a dog! Comment below and tell me which you are!

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Do you prefer being by yourself or with your friends?

I like being alone. Those video games won't play themselves!
I like playing with my friends!
I'm not sure... kind of in the middle I guess.

Which environment would you prefer?

I'm throwing a crazy party! I invited all my friends!
I'd like a nice quiet room with plenty of books to read.
Let's have a couple friends over for a play date, nothing too wild.

Sweet or savory?

Sweet! I want some candy!
Savory! I want some chicken soup!
Both! Chocolate covered pretzels for me!

Which pet would you prefer?

Cat! They're easier to care for.
Dog! They're more fun to play with.

You wake up super early before everybody else. You...

Sleep in some more! See you in three hours!
Get up now! A brand new day brings new opportunities!
Sleep in for a little longer, then get up.

Which kind of party would you prefer?

A slumber party with a few close friends.
Massive party in the daytime!
A quiet daytime party with a few close friends.
Massive slumber party!

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I'm a night owl. I love staying up late!
I'm an early bird. I love getting up early!

How do you feel about the birds outside?

Birds? They're not supposed to be on my territory!
Yum, time for lunch!
Who cares?