Which Queer Eye Cast Member Would You Disappoint The Most?

Which Queer Eye Cast Member Would You Disappoint The Most?

Which Queer Eye cast would you disappoint the most? Would your poor lifestyle make Karamo cringe? Find out!

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What does your room look like?

Very well organized. Not a
speck of dirt to be seen.
Very clean. Maybe a water
bottle here and there but
nothing too bad.
Not messy or clean. Nothing too bad but needs a good cleaning every once in a while.
Absolutely disgusting. Looks like Beijing after the Tiananmen massacre.

What is your sense of fashion like?

Very well put together, I take pride in my sense of fashion.
Nothing special, but I take pride in some of my outfits.
I dont really care for fashion but I enjoy looking nice when its needed.
I only wear baggy clothes and I never do laundry.

What's your diet like?

I have the perfect diet.
Overall good but I occasionally go on a junk food binge.
I try my best to keep a good diet but I overeat a lot.
I rely on energy from the sun.
I don't eat and I live off of Coca Cola.

How well do you manage yourself? (Hygiene, skincare, etc.)

I am perfectly groomed and I take care of my skin every night.
I have relatively good hygiene, nothing special.
I forget to cut my hair sometimes and my hygiene isn't always the best.
I havent cut my hair in 10 years. I smell like a middle school hallway. I don't even know what deodorant is.

Overall, what do you think of your lifestyle?

My life is very well put together. Everything about it is perfect.
My life could be better but I'm very happy with my life.
I'm not happy with my life, but it is not in my control. It would be better if my life was in my control.
I live in filth. My lifestyle is disgusting and I choose to live this way.