What is your Ideal Women? Guys Only

What does she look and act like? What body Shape? Hair and Eye color? Find out here :)

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What feature do you find most attractive in women?

Small Waist
Large Hips
Large Breasts
A medium to dark tan
Long curvy legs
Narrow Shoulders

What job would your women most likely have?

A catalogue model
A job that requires exercise so she stays fit and healthy
An office client, the brains are important too
A job that has flexible hours
A professional runner or athlete

What movie genre do you like?

Mystery or Drama
Thriller or action
Something scary that would make my girl scoot closer to/hold onto me

What would you order when you go out for dinner?

Shrimp and Grits with a sprite or ginger ale
A BBQ chicken salad with a Pepsi or coke
Fried Chicken and a mountain dew or Root bear
Turkey and Cheese Bacon Wrap with a sparkling drink
Cream of Crab soup and limeade or a fruit drink

Whose your dream gf?

Kate Upton
Beyoncé or Shakira
Any girl that loves me, and I love back<3
Pink or Miley
Kelly brook or a bathing suit model

What is your age group?

8 or younger
9-11 years old
12-14 years old
13-15 years
16-18 years
18 or older

What tops do you think look good on girls?

V necks
Boyfriend tees
Crop tops
Tight Tee Shirts

What is your favorite sport?

Lacrosse or Soccer
Baseball or Track
Ice Hockey or Swimming
Football or Wrestling
Martial Arts
Don't really do sports

What social media is your favorite?


What Bra size do you require?

I don't
A cup
B Cup
C cup
D or DD cup