Am I Ugly?

Come take the quiz :D We promise it isn't long and will be worth it! :)

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When you where a kid, what did you do in your spare time?

Video games/ Board games.



When your friends ask you if they look okay in jeans you hate;

You lie and say they look great,
You squeeze tell her the truth then quickly change the subject,
You tell her the truth and say, "Don't waste your money."

You and your friend just had a HUGE FIGHT! You run home and;

Start crying, but realize that you will be friends in a week or so.
Decide that you've had too many fights and decide to see new people.
Send them a mean text saying; "I hated you anyways!"

Your mom just drove over your skateboard and broke it in half, what do you do?

Freak out and scream in her face!
Cry and tell her; "If you didn't want me having a skateboard, you could have just asked.."

It starts to rain. You:

Run outside and jump in some puddles!
You scream and make a huge fit!

Last 1, Your mom just decided that your moving. OH NO! You text your friends the bad news. They:

Freak out and start telling you to try to change your mom's mind.
They Don't text you back.