Would ash like you?

Would ash like you?

What is up guys!? I have my little fennec fox ash here with me today and we're gonna ask some questions to see if he likes you or not ok? Okay let's get this over with

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Alright ash would u like to ask the first question?
Ash: *he nods* what do you like to do for fun?
*shrugs* not a bad question

Play video games
Ash: ooh what kind?
Eh stuff i guess
Ash: ;_; for real?
Chasing foxes
Ash: -_- oh really!!!???

That's a good boy! Now go ahead and ask another question ash
Ash: *his tail wags happily* if I were to make a very cute fave would you be fooled by it? :3

Yes you're cute
Ash: ^^ hehe thank you
I guess
Ash: ಠ_ಠ what does that
No you're not fooling me
Ash: *growls* well that's just
straight up rude

Ik I would be fooled by that adorable face anyways next question. And don't ask a stupid one either
Ash: >:3 what's your favorite color? And if you don't like it then fight me *his fur fluffs up and he shows his sharp teeth getting ready to fight*)

Ash: ooh same here :D
Ash: :/ I'm not really fond of
that color but cool I guess
Ash: ;-; hopefully not pink I
srsly hate pink

;-; okay.... I'll ask the next question. If you could meet ash as a baby fox how would you react?
Ash:*he blushes embarrassed* mama.... D-dont embarrass me...

I'd probably die from cuteness
Ash: *he hides his face in his
tail still embarrassed*
Probably just smile at the cutie
idk he's a bit violent
Ash: -.- *sticks his tongue out*
ur mean
Hell no I'd walk away from him
Ash: *growls* I'M GONNA RIP

Heh okay well that's all the time we have for now it's ash's bed time and sorry if it was short I'll try to make longer quizzes in the future later dudes and dudettes
Ash: >.> *he rolls his eyes and jumps on my back waving his tail saying his bai*

See ya