Which One Of the OG candy men are u?

Before u judge me, I’m a libra sun, libra mercury, and a libra mars. I’m flirtatious and indecisive so when I switched schools for the very first time in my life (in my sophomore year of high school), I got a little trouble flirting with new people and had tiny crushes on like, four different people. I only had a majorrr crush on like, one. But I still used these code names and got excited seeing them enough to talk about it. Xoxo, enjoy.

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If you were an animal, what would you be?

A pitbull— rumored to have
a bite, but the sweetest
animal ever.
A dragonfly— rare, but
A fox— beautiful and mischievous. ):
A polarbear— rare, nothing to know about, but beautiful.
And I’m kanye west!

What band/artist would you associate with?

Pierce the Veil.
Some kind of country artist.
That 6 9 dude.
Black Veil Brides.

Do you like astrology?

I know my entire birth chart from memory.
I’m curious about it
I know my sun sign
No I don’t believe in it.... but can you help me do a birth chart?!

What’s your style?

I’m a hoodrat. I’ll wear a bandana on my head, saggy jeans, and such.
I’m a man in uniform... Or at least I will be in the future.
graphic tee shirts and normal pants
Skinny jeans and flannels
A track suit representing the thing I love doing

I have a problem.. what’s your advice technique?

a little joking around to make you laugh, but will beat up the person at fault.
I can relate. Here’s what I did.
Uh, I hope you feel better.
You tell me what I can do to make you feel better.
We’ve never even talked??

Why did you and your exes break up?

She’s a bitch
I had a lot of stress
I’m kind of a horndog.
She cheated on me.

What are you doing when you get out of high school?

Taking a college gap year.
Going straight to college.
I have no clue.
I also, have no clue.
I’m going to college- for fun ;)

There’s a kid wondering around the walmart arcade without money. He spots us, and we have spare change. What do you do?

“Hey kid you wanna play with us?”
I just give him the change and go home.
i wouldnt be at walmart
I’m at kroger
I’d give the kid a dollar or two, rather than a quarter.